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Single Diabetes Consultation

Health Assessment and Personalized Plan

  • 1 hour
  • 195 US dollars

Service Description

Want to reduce your food cravings and control your blood sugars? Start here! Whether you are a Pre-diabetic, Type 1, Type 2, or a Parent of a Diabetic, together, we will uncover the root causes of the dis-ease and design a plan that will work for you. You will receive personalized low-glycemic meal plans, lifestyle hacks, and subconscious reprogramming tools for lasting change. The challenging part of Diabetes is not just getting your nutrition right, but managing the loss of free will to eat what you want and the self-bashing that happens when your sugars are high... again.  I have been tracking my blood sugars for 15 years and intimately know the roller coaster ride of emotions. I now teach the nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset hacks that are most effective at maintaining stable blood sugars and mental wellbeing.  This one session will change your life. I look forward to guiding you!

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