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I'm Dr. Nikki! If you feel lost, stuck, or struggling with a dis-ease... I can guide you to a new perspectives that empowers your highest potential. Your perception creates your reality!

When you shift your belief to everything you experience is for your soul's evolution... Even diabetes can be a blessing that can lead you to higher states of awareness. 


Check out my podcast LEGENDS, where I interview exceptional humans on their journey to greatness and join us at Baby Einsteins, where leaders come together to share their insights and lessons learned. 

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Baby Einsteins

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Diabetes Support

You don't have to figure it out alone!

If you are struggling to keep your blood sugars in check, or tired of counting cards for your diabetic child... allow me to guide you. I have been tracking my blood sugars for 15 years as a Type 1 Diabetic. I know what causes spikes and which lifestyle hacks make significant improvements in blood sugar management. 

I also intimately know the mental battle Diabetes can sometimes feel like, when I can't eat the things I want or my sugars spike despite eating well and exercising hard. Some days feel like I am on a roller coaster ride. But those fluctuations are far fewer and less extreme. I have learned the nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset hacks that make a HUGE difference in blood sugar control.

Book a free call so we can determine how best I can support you.

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Lunch & Learn

6 lunches to Greater Productivity

Michelle Shines and I are both Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioners. We are offering a series of 6 lunch and learns to corporations and private homes, where we teach the essentials of healthy living, while demoing nutrient-dense, easy to prepare meals.


1:1 Coaching

Since I was little, I have had a unique gift of seeing people's greatness. I now use that gift plus decades of training to support impact-driven entrepreneurs in playing BIG and expressing their highest potential.


We do deep work of uncovering the core wounds holding you back and use powerful subconscious reprogramming tools to align you with your vision of a bigger better life. 


If you are ready to elevate to Legendary...

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Legends Mastermind

Have you ever desired to be surrounded by exceptional humans who give you honest feedback and support on your business? Welcome to the Legends Mastermind, where we hold each other accountable to our highest potential and achieve the results we have been dreaming of. 


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"I was looking for someone to embody a strong container for me to explore my inner world and Nikki was able to deliver just that.


Within minutes we built quick momentum in clearly identifying my limiting beliefs, where they came from and how we can push those aside to create space for more empowering ones.

It was important to me to leave with clear takeaways and a plan to move forward, and I got exactly that. I left feeling so much lighter!"